Memorabilia in October, 2023

1.   The company has participated in the 134th Canton Fair.

2.   The company has sent personnel to the A+A Labor Protection Exhibition of Year 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

3.   The company has dispatched personnel to participate in the cadre inspection conference of the Foreign Trade Group.

4.   The company has discussed and passed the plan for going abroad on business of Year 2024.

5.   The company has established a list of designated matters for the board meeting, a list of important decision-making matters for the enterprise, and a list of the rights of the executive director of Hexing Company in accordance with the requirements of the superiors rectification work.

6.   The company has formulated and implemented the "Tracking and Accountability System for Resolutions and Decisions of the Board of Directors of the Company and Its Subordinate Investment Enterprises" and the "Customer Credit Management Measures (Trial)".

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