China Cotton Commercial Stock Monthly Report – July, 2013
Reserve cotton release auction closed by the end of July, the total trade volume was 3.72 million ton. For the final month, textiles were much active at purchasing, increasing commercial cotton stock as the result, though which was still much lower than the corresponding time last year. The Xinjiang railway was still occupied by reserve cotton, and commercial cotton chose road to transport. In July, 960 vehicles of cotton were dispatched from Xinjiang, 741 vehicles less over the month. From 15th March to 31st July, there were 5,038 vehicles of cotton dispatched from Xinjiang totally. According to survey to 158 warehouses by CCA cotton warehousing and logistics branch, by the end of July of 2013, commercial cotton carryover stock totaled 373,000 ton, 353,000 ton from inland stock and 20,000 from Xinjiang stock, 104,000 ton more over the month, while 346,000 ton less than last July. Among the stock, 36% is Xinjiang cotton, 13% is inland cotton, and 51% is import cotton. Based on this, the national commercial carryover cotton stock was estimated to be 462,400 ton, 100,860 ton less over last month. During this month, 9,000 ton commercial cotton was dispatched to inland via railway from 23 Xinjiang transfer stations. The amount is 6,000 ton more over the month, and 80,000 ton less than last July.

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